Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fiji and Tuvalu: Polyglot, Polynesian, Polyfaith,

Flag of FIJI

Two nations to first celebrate the new years are Fiji and Tuvalu. Spattered in the South Pacific. Fiji is Yang - larger, loud, and diverse. Fiji's ethnic diversity is due to the UK's Colonial Policy of transporting foreign labor to the island, mostly from India. Thus Islam and Hinduism has found a beach head in the South Pacific.

But Tuvalu is typical Polynesia that is mostly Protestant or Catholic due to British and French influence. Tuvalu is not as renowned, not as loud and more serene. Thus Tuvalu is - Yin. Yin and Yang are the Chinese way of describing balance to the system of ideas. In the West it is sort of like duality and dichotomies.

But just in case you didn't notice, a nation with a UK Union Jack typically means a strong connection England. From one island nation to the other -the Prime Meridian and the International Date Line link up London and Fiji. The Prime Meridian's opposite line - 180 degrees longitude- crosses into Fiji.

Usually when one travels east you go into the future. But for Fiji and Tuvalu -you go into the past of the previous day. And on New Years Day you can travel go into the previous year.

Fiji and Tuvalu demonstrate that time travel is possible. They illustrate that time is simply a construct of the human mind in ideas. Tuvalu and Fiji are nations that sit along the edges of yesterday and tomorrow.

Flag of TUVALU

Both of their flags have a sky blue background and kept the Union Jack as their Canton, thus they share the colours of Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand.

As Tuvalu is Polynesian Fiji is certainly Polyfaithic.

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