Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Andorra & Moldova

Flag of Andorra
Andorra, the name almost sounds like something out of a fairly tale? Well it's kinda' true. This little nation of Europe is hidden in between France and Spain.

Kinda of a mix but not quite!

Moldova? Sounds like a nice drink? Perhaps a type of Vodka? No Moldova too is a nation hidden, but in between Romania and Ukraine.

Flag of Moldova

Andorra and Moldova are 'small' nations whose colours unite South Eastern Europe with South Western Europe. Both are Christian and geography has put then on 'opposite' Catholic polarities. Roman Church for Andorra and Greek Orthodox for Moldova.

Andorra has a recent peaceful history being able to exist in the twilight zone as a nation mixed between France and Spain. While Moldova has been recently rocked by ethnic violence after the fall of the Soviet Union and a rather contentious place to live.
Challenged by her Slavic and Romanian Ethnics; although united in faith there is a contentious division in culture and language.

Both flags have coats of arms to distinguish themselves from other look a likes: Romania and Chad. I'll write about them later.

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