Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Vexillological Balance of the Sun & Moon

Much of my work as a vexillologist is dedicated to the pairing of flags into an acute classification scheme based upon the teaching of dichotomies. Just recently this type of thinking was popularized in the book world and public television with Dr. Wayne Dyer's Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao, 2007.

Basically the teachings of the Tao often distill the universe into two opposing forces balanced in harmony. For example all cultures agree that night is balanced with day. The Sun rules the heavens with the Moon.

So What? How does this related to flags?

Essentially I'm saying flags come in pairs, thus the flag of Japan and Korea are balanced with each other. The flag of Japan represents the Sun and this is well known to most Japanese.

While the flag of South Korea represents the Moon.
However the association of the Korean Flag is
unofficial and known less.

the black trigrams reflect the
dynamic pattern of the moon
in its various phases

When you compare the Korean Flag you will notice that its design is similar to the Japanese Flag with added spices. As many people who are familiar with Japanese and Korean Cuisine, this analogy usually holds water as well. Korean food tends to have a little more kick, spice, and intensity than Japanese Food.

Both Korea and Japan have white backgrounds, with a circular disc in the center. Korea's circle is more exotic than Japan's simple red dot. Rather Korea has a dot that is funked with a harmonious blend of red and blue. Basically a modified version of the Yin and Yang symbol, the icon of Taoism. It represents a cosmic balance of two forces in various states of harmony. It can further be traced as a symbol of the Moon, whose waxing and waning reflect the cosmic balance of the heavens.

So there you have it, Korea with the "Moon" while Japan has a "Sun" as the core symbol with their national identity. This motif is reflected in their culture as well. Japanese are notorious for behaving like the Sun: constant, straight and unchanging, and rather predictable. However Koreans are more like the children of the Moon, full of moods and will display high and low emotions, a more dynamic emotional sort relative to Japan.

Like cats and dogs, Koreans and Japanese are natural rivals. But every once and while Koreans and Japanese do get along. Sure it's fun to watch dogs chase cats. But if you had ever seen a cat and dog snuggle its oh so...nice!

Just in case you forgot. The world saw a wee bit of this cosmic harmony when the greatest sporting event of mankind was hosted for the first time in Asia and by two nations - The World Cup of 2002 was hosted by Japan & Korea! There is hope for mankind!

Who would of thought this could have happened in 1956! I betcha one million buckarooz that World Cup 2056 will be co hosted between Israel and Iraq!

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