Friday, November 20, 2009

US Flag for Jews & Christians (only)????

If you ever watched the US Flag folding flag ceremony it seems almost magical and spiritual. You could call it a prayer ceremony. On one occasion they were reading aloud what the 13 final folds mean. My friend witnessing it who came from Tibet was a little saddened and felt excluded because two of the folds were dedicated to Christians and Jews. So he said, "what about the rest of us: Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, and Muslims?"

When folding up the US Flag it is done in 13 folds. Fold number 11 is basically a prayer dedicated to Hebrew Citizens while the 12th fold is dedicated to Christian Citizens. Some people automatically think this excludes US Islamic, US Buddhist, US Jain, US Wicca, & US Hindu Citizens as a part of the national fabric and thus non-American! But maybe not?

You gotta remember your own definition of what it means to be a Christian is between yourself, God, and Jesus Christ himself. Some people think they would never make a good Christian because of another person's personal Christian standards. Furthermore there are all types of Christians, there are schools of Christians who believe in the descent of mankind from more primitive species. It would be an extreme challenge to make all persons who label themselves as Christians actually believe you are a Christian. It is good to be aware of other Christians' opinions, but in the end you gotta' forgeta' bout what other people think and establish your own connection to Christ in what ever form that may be.

Christ is just a word, but behind the word is a presence. It's like the presence of a flag, or the presence of kitten or puppy licking your nose. Now who doesn't like puppies or kittens?

But even if you totally exclude your spiritual dimension from the label of Christianity, you still have a your own personal and genuine connection to the word Christ. For many people when they hear Christ it warms their heart like the vision of puppy licking their nose.

Apparently nobody can mess that up for you, not even if you do something bad, Christ Consciousness still loves you no matter what, and if it doesn't then your probably have Christ Consciousness mixed up with something else. Please note angry bitter nasty judgmental persons who call themselves Christians do not represent all Christians. And yes, there are angry bitter
judgmental Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Pagans, and Hindus.

Now for the 11th fold, dedicated to Hebrew Citizens! If you are born of one Jewish and one Christian parent kudos to you, you're a real American Hero! If only Lieberman and Palin had a baby, the offspring would make a good president. Only then according the flag folding mantra can you truly see the world with true American "Eyes?"

USING Conan O'Brien Techonology
'If they mated' True American eyes see they world
with one Christian & one Hebrew 'eye'

What if you are born of Buddhist and Hindu Parents? I suppose a reliance on the hidden unseen third eye is essential?

But don't worry the rest the Faiths come with the last fold, fold #13. American Muslims, Pagans, Others of the "Hindu-Buddeic" traditions get credit in the 13th fold dedicated to trusting in God or as Christians who live on Malta call Him...'Allah!' The most important fold saves the best for last.

And just think about it, the Other Faiths are so humble that mentioning their specific branch of faith is not needed.

So what about atheists? I recommend you keep looking at kittens and puppies until you start to sense that kind of spirit in your dreams, when you are alone, and when you are looking at the stars. And then ask yourself, 'Is this just a random mistake of chaos and disorder?'

Probably America's most famously loved and respected Atheist is Carl Sagan. And as a reprisal to his book Contact where the father says to his daughter when she asks if we are alone in the Universe he responds with, "If it's just us it'd be an awful waste of space."

Reprise: "If there is no meaning to life it'd be an awful waste of time."

We all have a special destiny and believe it or not, Atheists have a special place in the silent heart of the American Flag.

Happy Thanks Giving to All

Sincerely Christopher Maddish

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