Monday, November 30, 2009

The Taliban's Cosmic Banner Partner

It's interesting to note that the flag of the Taliban is a white flag with the Islamic daily prayer on it, the Shahada. This flag indicates a surrender to the God via a very narrow and a rather stiff path stretching out of Islam. White is the color of surrender, purity, and peace. The Arabic Calligraphy indicates a massive connection to Islam.

(((If you just tuned in, my thesis involves pairing up with flags, like yin and yang)))


Thus the partner to the Taliban Flag is the flag of the Islamic Courts Union Flag of Somalia.


It is the converse of the Taliban Flag. The Islamic Courts Union flag has a black background with an Islamic daily prayer written in white.

So what? Well, in a weird way the Taliban of Asia is connected "cosmically" to the Islamic Courts Union of Africa. Both nations were dreadful friction points during the Cold War, and are rather militantly Islamic.

So here is the prediction: if Obama with Joe Biden puts more pressure on Osama Bin Laden, make sure you keep you eye on Somalia. There is a good chance the Islamic Courts Union will mold another type of grouchy 'totally irrational' insurgent. Bottom line is, if you want a balanced approach with Afghanistan you have to spend at least as much on Somalia. So in a weird way to get peace in Afghanistan you will have to also get peace in Somalia, otherwise it will fester.

Perhaps Russia, UK, Italy, and US should team up with friendly Islamic Nations in this endeavor? If they are willing to spend billions on peace keeping tools of destruction, why not spend billions on friendly tools of construction?

Saudi Flag for comparison

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