Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Continental Cogress Flag for Baltimore the Second Capital of the United States

Did you know just after the Declaration of Independence was issued, the 'Capital' moved from Philadelphia to Baltimore on December 12, 1776?  Just in time for the first American Christmas of 1776! Congress was under war pressure from the UK, so it was decided to head south for safety - Baltimore, Maryland that is.

The colours of Baltimore's Congressional Capital Heritage Flag are taken from the flag of Maryland and mixed with the modern design of the District of Columbia, which was a part of Maryland during the American Revolution.

The newly independent nation of America opened for business in Baltimore Maryland on December 20, 1776 at the Henry Fite House.  Thus the first Christmas, New Years, and Ground Hog Day for the capital city of USA B.C. - USA Before the Constitution took place in Baltimore, Maryland.

In a weird way it foreshadowed that a part of Maryland would sacrifice a part of herself, which would become the permanent Capital of Washington DC.

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