Thursday, July 5, 2018

Flags in the Adjustment Bureau - 2011

Notice Unique Yellow Water Taxi Flag

Sometimes it feels like there are persons or entities out there that work against your intended desires and dreams, blocking your path on its intended purpose.  

For instance, when five random extra-ordinary events happen in one day that change your destiny.  Imagine if when you go to your dream job interview, and then, a car accident happens, followed by a construction crew that appears soon afterwards, after you pass the accident.  This makes you late for the interview, of your dream job,  you end up missing it, and you are denied entry into the building. 

Is this a Miracle on 48th Street? And Notice Italian Flag
Or the one time you forget your cell phone because you were helping somebody in need, and then you miss a very important call for the deal of a life time! Are there spirits blocking your path?  Angels?  Or higher beings?  Well, this is the plot of the Adjustment Bureau -2011.

Striving for your Destiny is common story telling device
Surely in the near future such technologies will allow people to play judge and jury as the gatekeeper to your ultimate destiny.  As most youth already post nearly everything of mild to no importance online, an AI will be able to calculate your points of destiny and map out your life, without your consent, likewise everything you do online is absorbed and used in a multitude of ways with out your consent.  It already happens with texting with the auto-fill spelling options.  It's only a matter of time when machines are able to predict every permutation of human behavior.

Nonetheless, the Adjustment Bureau is thought provoking film that takes on these themes.  Well made, it is a small treasure on the nature of human life.  Part fantasy, yet it can be considered science fiction.  This movie takes this the theme of path-blocking, and turns it into a homily of happiness.

((WARNING ENDING SCENE: Please watch the whole movie first))

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