Monday, March 5, 2018

Vexilloids in Dark City 1998

The badge of the police in Dark City 1998 consist of an eight pointed star of the 53rd Precinct.   Another flag like item that appears in this movie is upon the implanted memory of beach mailbox.  Quite a peculiar place for a mailbox, but such things are not unheard of.
Dark City is an original sci-fi movie of the hero who overcomes a corrupt establishment.  But in this case the mystery of memory plays a key role of the one who overcomes the system of oppressive control.  In winning he becomes the just ruler of the a new age.

There will always be forces at work that seek to 'educate' the youth and or the public mind upon a single corporate line of thought.  But often, the harder they push, the harder resistance becomes and eventually it  manifests like the ignition of starlight under the pressure of gravity.

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