Monday, January 15, 2018

Turkmenistan Exclusive Economic Zone Flag

Just as the Black Sea is the counter to the Caspian Sea, nearly at right angles, there is also a twin for the Sea of Azov.  The geographic twin is the Mighty Black Sea, official known as the sea of Garabogazköl Aylagy.  Unlike the Sea of Azov, which is international, the Sea of Azov's twin is totally under the control of one nation: Turkmenistan.

Note there are two Turkey's of the Old World.  The one in the West is the more famous on the edge of the West Asia.  The other is on the East side of Europe.  Both are Turkish peoples.  The eastern Turks of Turkmenistan have maintained their 'Chinese' phenotype while the Western Turks have mingled to some degree with West and only have an echo of the 'Chinese' phenotype. 

You can also think of the Black Sea's of Garabogazköl is the Sea of Azov.  Funny thing, one translation for this Caspian's Sea of Azov (Sea of Garabogazköl ) is coincidentally the BLACK SEA.  But just to keep is straight its best to think of this sea as the Mighty Black Sea.  Yet the Mighty Black Sea is much smaller than the Black Sea that is connected to the Sea of Middle Earth. 

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