Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Lunar Twilight 2017-2018

As 2018 starts a new cycle of rotation around our sun, an echo of 2017 still remains.  Since the current moon was created on December 19, 2017 its last light will end on January 17th.  Consequently when the Sun rests for the day the evenings in a spiritual sense revert back 2017.  Since the lunar cycle changes so much Lunar Twilight varies from New Year to New Year.

The Lunar Twilight Candlemast is composed of candles of a various length. All are supposed to be lit each evening.  The candles burn out in a specific order.  In the example above the shortest candle on left goes out first.  By January 17 the last candle is lit upon the first New Moon of 2018, the eve before the first Moon to be revealed in the next year.

This holiday is for all persons of any faith or ultimate reality.  It is not a ethnic exclusive holiday.  Nor is it overtly religious in nature, requiring certain prayers or procedures.  Yet it is a celebration of our understanding of astronomy and our celestial connection to the heavens. It represents added clemency for time, to fix things from yesteryear, to give mercy, say good bye, and appreciate the past.

(Theme music for Lunar Twilight 2017)

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