Thursday, January 4, 2018

Australian Commercial: Gathering of Gods Eating Lamb, Lamb Ad

An Aussie commercial has all the Gods dining together enjoying lamb.  The most vexillologically significant item is a person called Ron who is wearing naval type cap.  The insignia may be related to Scientology, the details can not be made out.  But the persons making this commercial did their homework, it probably is. We don't know for sure if it's supposed to be Ron Hubbard, for sure.

Here we have the powerful Hindu God Ganesha, the son of Shiva and Parvati.  His body was made from clay by his mother Parvati, while the elephant head was chosen by his father Shiva.  Shiva was introduced to the West in Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom, when Indy invokes Shiva near the end to save the day. Ganesha is wearing vexillological like garland, which is most likely jasmine flowers.

You can also see Jesus perform a reverse miracle.  This commercial is offensive to some yet a riot laugh to others.  You just have to see below, to believe it.  Perhaps the biggest error is Ganesha eating lamb, this is wrong since he is a vegetarian...oopsy and offensy.  Good thing Ganesha is such a compassionate God.  But Jesus just steals the show.

In the clip below is the scene where Indy invokes Shiva to activate the crystal rocks, which end up destroying the bad guy whose evil quest for power destroys himself.  Once again the prayers to a God end up saving the day while destroying the bad guy, as it was with original Indiana Jones.  Instead of the Ark of Judaism we have the Shiva Rocks that help our heroes.

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