Friday, November 24, 2017

Newest California Republic Flag

This flag is based upon the New California Flag, which is based upon the official California flag.  Basically after the New California Republic fell after the great robot war, the Newer California Republic arose from its ashes a hundred years later, but decked out in 1980s style of thinking and style.   But then the robot on robot wars arose 50 years after the Newer California Republic.  From those ashes arose the Newest California Republic.

Humans wrongly assumed all robots would get along - so false.  Robots-AI would fight each other for human slaves and made every effort to convert or convince cyborgs to join their side.  Robots with the most diversity of cyborgs usually got the edge.  The Newest California Republic included area from Alaska, Eastern Russia, and Chile.

It is theorized that the traces of AI-Robot on AI-Robot violence stemmed from the Apple vs Droid platforms.  Humans, like cyborgs, are programmed with certain patterns that cause humans to become attached and defend their particular tech.

Already in present day times, a few humans have exhibited partisan and violent tendencies in defense of their preferred tech be it Apple, Droid, X-Box, PlayStation, or something else.  Some believe this is due to the tachyon impulses from the AI-robots from future of the Newest California Republic. 

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