Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Closing Banquet, ICV 27 at the Royal Horseguards Hotel, London By Maddish - 18:57, 14 Aug, 2017

By Maddish - 18:57, 14 Aug, 2017

The banquet took place in the "Gladstone Library" room, not the real Gladstone Library.  Nonetheless the elegance of the hotel would make the American Country Club look like your average American corner, street bar.  Suffice it to say the it was like jumping in the Mary Poppins Fantasy Fairy-Tale.  We were half expecting the Queen to make an appearance.   

 It was a particularly peacefully, poetic, pleasant, placid, display of pomp.  The feel of a classy crowd of carousing camaraderie was in the air. Suffice it to say to food was good eatin'.  

Ferry service on the Thames is an ancient line of work.  Today, there is an armada of ferries that go back and forth.  They often have guided tours on the outbound trips, towards to sea.  The ferry service flags have a logo similar to the London Underground or subway service.  But for the ferry is has cyan circle on a field of gray with the central horizontal bar with the word 'RIVER' written across.

You can see the famous Cutty Sark in the background, which also has a fine spirit for its namesake.  Additionally you can see a tiny Union Flag on top of the little orange and yellow striped play-light house.

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