Thursday, August 10, 2017

ICV 27 - Speaker 25: David Chkheidze

We saw an overview of municipal flags about the nation of Georgia.  Chkeidze's paper was entitled The Flags of Contemporary Georgia.

Chkheidze noted that the Republic of Georgia's post Soviet flag is an ancient design dated back to Pre-Columbian times.  Georgia's flag is essentially a heraldic flag.  Currently there are 66 districts and 12 self governing cities in the Republic of Georgia.  Chkeidze gave a delightful overview of Georgia's modern day flags that incorporate good design linked to real geographic elements. He also noted that the Republic of Georgia has many local ethnic groups.  Even the touchy subject of the break away territories were included: Abkhazia and Adjara.

Origin of Republic of Georgia's Flag 1367
He also noted the Republic of Georgia is proud of its wine producing heritage, which dates back some 8000 years ago to about 6000 BC, before the rise of the Egyptian Empire and Pyramids.  Also noted was the cross of St. Nino which has its arms on a slight bend.

He said the hardest part about making flags was that people sometimes want to include too much: every historical symbol and icon, making the flags virtual tourist guide maps, which results in very 'ugly' flags.

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