Thursday, August 10, 2017

ICV 27 - Speaker 24: Jos Poels

Poels gave us a paper on evolution of the Gambian flag with the title of Evolution of the Gambian Flag.  

Poels pointed out that the geography of Gambia was due to Imperial powers needs, named the UK and France, who gave little thought to the tribal areas.  Poels also pointed out that the colonial badge of Gambia had an elephant trumpeting on it, and not from the back end.  However Gambia does not have any elephants.  Additionally there were hills on the badge, but there are not hills in Gambia.   Later the trumpeting elephant of Gambia was used on several other English colonies in Africa with letters underneath to indicate which was what.

Jos dedicated his presentation to Louis Lucien Thomasi (1910-1985), who was the designer of Gambia's modern day flag.  Also note that Jos Poel was also present for the birth of South Africa's modern day flag, a fun yet quirky fact.


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