Tuesday, August 8, 2017

ICV 27 - 25th General Assembly FIAV


The fairly normal congressional meeting, of yeas and nays.  Nothing much to report but business as usual.  The most exciting news brought to the table was China's to host the ICV in 2023.  It was presented by Xinfeng Zhao.  Zhao was responsible for training China flag hoisting staff for the Beijing 2008 Olympics.  If China were selected he promised that everyday would be a new venue. 

However there was one dissenting voice, of Roman Klimes, who protested the politics of China and the situation in Tibet.  There was also some concern that China did not have a strong vexillological society, as Zhao's group was more of a patriotic organization, rather than academically focus group dedicated to vexillology.  Nonetheless, it nearly set that China will host the lovely 30th International Congress of Vexillology.

There was also one call to elect a new president of FIAV, that of Alfred Z as nominated by Roman Klimes

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