Friday, July 21, 2017

Appeal to Heaven - Parody Cannabis Flags

The Appeal to Heaven is a soft patriotic flag from the American Revolution.  Unlike the intimidating rattle snake flag, that poses a vengeful strike back.  The 'An Appeal to Heaven' is a more lofty, spiritual call to arms with divine guidance.  We now live in a nation where the sale of cannabis has become on the verge of being legal.  Freedom is blessing but it should be handled with care.

Here are several parody flags that are based upon the patriotic pine tree flag. These flags capture the feels of the rebel spirit.  If you were to wave any of these in public you'd definitely get a social patriotic stir, with supporters and detractors.

Basic parody conserves words of original flag.
 More style in this form.
 This illustrates the psychedelic aspect of this plant.

 Flags are essentially codes for ideas and this flag has the old code.

This is a fun style flag.
 If you like counting and math, this is good.

A historical combo move, ironic and a real flag for the serious, it is.

Chilling is so slang yet so perpetual.

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