Monday, June 12, 2017

Pepe Republic Flag

Pepe the Frog has become something of an Internet institution these days.  A harmless cartoon character from Boy's Club that grabbed the public's attention during the 2016 American Election, when it was spotlighted with a negative light by the Hillary Clinton Campaign.  In the previous 2012 election, Pokemon had grabbed the attention of the media, when a contender for the Republican ticket quoted this show- Herman Cain.

But a frog is just a frog, as symbol is just a symbol.  The swastika is East Asia and India is deeply tied to Buddhism and Hinduism and one can find it on many serene temples and peacefully sacred sites.  Its association with Nazi Germany is only fleeting, from that side of the world. Yet when presented in the West, it is a symbol that conjures up extremely sad emotions and an ugly history.

Likewise it's rather odd that a silly cartoon could become such a paramount icon for the 2016 election, showing the rift in culture and understanding between the Internet and modern day legacy media.

The flag above is the Pepe Republic flag based upon the a mash up of the California State flag with the iconic Pepe.  Oddly Pepe has been tied up with some enchanting Internet synchronicity to 1986, right after Cliton spoke about Pepe. 

To get the whole story, its best just to visit a keen blog here....

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