Sunday, June 4, 2017

Original Flags of Bowser and Mario - 1985

A game so classic and influential, Super Mario Brothers is perhaps one of the most popular games to ever cross our screens.  Although not 100% original, its unique art, sound, and game play positioned it as the ultimate game from the 1980s, that has carried on, and still has a legacy.

But for the world of vexillology, it is interesting the flags play a critical role.  Mario has a red starred flag on white, while his opponent has a green skull on a pennant. In this game Mario raises several flags before rescuing Princess Peach.

 It was long long ago, before Mario met Peach, that Bowser and Mario were good friends. But then an issue arose between them.  It is written that some day they may become united again?

Here is the Union Flag, or Union Jack of a would be Super Mario Bros. Bowser team up.

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