Saturday, June 17, 2017

KEK Flag Transmuted to LOL Flag

What the KEK Flag Means from a Positive Viewpoint

Since the 2016 Election a new flag has arisen from the Internet, a flag whose genesis stems from a meme and has become something larger than its initial parody: the KEK Flag.  KEK originally met LOL in an online video game, World of Warcraft.  But due to strange synchronicity with Pepe the frog, it has become an iconic kind of meme flag. In another parody, we have the KEK flag translated for lay audiences, with colours and one of its original meanings as LOL.

Kekistan Flag - A Virtual Republic of the Internet
The KEK Flag is a popular trolling meme magic flag that has captured the imaginations of the internet and lays beyond the comprehension of the mainstream media.  Somewhat of a joke flag, it is being taken very serious by some on extreme ends.  A flag that conveys: internet trolling, LOL, Pepe the Frog, 4Chan, Meme Majik, the World of War Craft, and a hint of a forlorn Nazi Naval flag- a very odd combination indeed.   LOL

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