Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Nation or Hour of Aum Flag

The nation of Aum or Ohm is a meditative state.  Any person of any faith or lack of it can enter it.  If you see 3:33 AM or 3:33 PM then you are being called, somewhat like Harry Potter was, unto the academy of peace or something like that.

The Aum symbol is a funky number three twisted with a kind of magic, whose numerology in the West is enchanting upon its own nature.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Flag in The Village - 2004 by M. Night Shyamalan

The Village 2004 made effective use of flags.  In particular a solid earthy yellow flag is flown along the border of the property.  It is considered a safe colour, that gives a little immunity form the others they must never speak of.  The Village is beautiful movie that captures the feels of suburban Pennsylvania.  Shyamalan is known for his slight of perception, his reveals allow people to enjoy his films on a second viewing, which seem like a different movie, since you are in the know and can see why characters behave the way the do. 

Here a young man looks as the border of the village.  Pondering the beings and colours that live on the other side, and why the bright colour red is forbidden.

A white community flag can be seen with our blind heroine.  She is standing just a little off the ways from the group.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

New Gay Pride Flag Starting to Mirror Electrical Engineering Colour Code

A flag that used to represent a state of the soul, totally independent of race, heritage or bloodline.  But now the new Gay Pride flag stops to embraces people who identify as black or brown.  In a weird way it has become a racial or racist flag.

By cosmic coincidence, it looks like they took a clue from the electrical engineering industry, who currently use the same pattern to code for resistors for digit values 0 to 7. 

Long before the addition of brown and black and the creation of the Gay Pride Flag resistors were colour coded.  So it looks like the Gay Pride Flag may get a gray stripe before the white stripe?  What will colour gray identify for?  People who identify as unsure or curious? Or maybe for people who identify as elderly, over 70?  The door is open!

The next logical step would be for persons who identify as white to finally get flag recognition, with the white stripe, with a digit value of 9.

What about gold and silver then?  I'll let yous fill in the blank, but please be nice.

Maybe its all a plan to prepare us for the microchip implant into our heads?  As the Borg said, "Resistance is Futile".

Source of New Gay Flag

Source of EE Colour Code

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Flag for Left Eyed People

The flag for persons who are left eyed is red, white, and blue.  As the eye of night or moon, via Egyptian deity of Horus, there is a white eye reflective of the moon and dimming deep navy blue sky.  The red vertical bar near the hoist is associated with the port side, which is the left side of the ship when facing forwards.

Persons who are left eyed have a more intuitive, artistic, eye that can 'hear images' and feel more aptly through this eye.

Flag for Right Eyed People

Just as we are left handed and right handed, one dominates over the other.  For persons who identify as right eyed we have the eye of Ra or Sun.  It is a blue eye on a field of yellow with one green vertical bar near the hoist.  Since the right side is associated with green via starboard, the right side of ship- there is a green.  

This is the eye that can things plainly and the nature of the mundane.  This eye for gaming, sport, logical doings, and business.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Flag for Ambidextrous Persons: both Left and Right Handed

The colours of the ambidexterity uses the colours red, green, navy blue, and yellow.  Red represents the left as in the left-port side of planes and ships, while green represents the right-starboard side of ships.  But since persons of this nature can use both hands their is converse stripes to show their dexterity.  In the center the upward and downward five pointed yellow stars merge into one ten pointed star.

Red Left-Port Side & Green Right-Starboard Side

Since people have left side and right side, that matches to port and starboard.  We have an example of Nintendo's Little Mac from Mike Tyson's Punch Out!  Mac's right glove is green for the right-starboard side while his left hand is red for the left-port side of his body.

But in the game, both his gloves are green, so we can suppose that Little Mac is right handed? 

Flag for Right Handed Persons

The right handed flag uses the colours blue, green and yellow.  In the green field is a dominant upward yellow star on top of lesser blue star.  The upward yellow star represents the right hand with five points.  It is on the right side of the field.  Likewise the starboard-right side of the ship or plane is always decorated with the green light, thus a right green field.

Flag for Left Handed Persons, Southpaw

The flag for persons who identify as left handed uses the colours red, deep violet, and yellow.  The bar near the hoist is red with a dominant yellow downward star with lesser violet upright star.  The downward star represents the left hand with its five fingers. The field is deep violet.

Persons are usually born this way, and if they should be born into a culture that writes right to left like Arabic or Hebrew then they are in good company.  Also the left side of a ship, plane, or space craft is always carries a red light on the left-port side of the vehicle.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

World of Warcraft BUR - LOL Flag transmuted from KEK Flag


LOL is oddly one of the origin points for the Internet KEK Flag.  When players in the game of World of Warcraft on the Horde side type LOL, the members on the Alliance side only see KEK.  From the other point of view from the Horde side as when Alliance members type LOL, the Horde side sees BUR.

Thus LOL as spoken in other videogame languages translates to KEK or BUR.  But due to a peculiar coincidence with an ancient Egyptian God-Goddess of Kek, who had one avatar as a frog head on a human body, it fused to the Internet meme of Pepe the Frog.

All said and done, this is just silly coincidence.    If it were not for synchronicity on a scale never seen before with the song Shadilay that was made by the musical group P.E.P.E, Pepe the Frog would have most likely ended up as an obscure Internet Meme.   Shadilay was released in 1986 by an Italian band and features a frog holding a magic wand.  The synchronicity is a like a perfect 4x4 Tetris of probability.

1. Name of Pepe the Frog = = Name of P.E.P.E. the band that created Shadilay song
2. Smug Meme of Pepe the Frog = = Smug art work on Shadilay of a Frog
3. Meme Magic Theory Matched = = Shadilay Frog is holding Wand and Magic is written on it
4. Probability games of 4Chan with Pepe 77777777 post  that predicted Trump will win, long before election day = = Probability is the second word within the acronym of P.E.P.E. band (Point Emerging Probably Entering)

An Artifact of Synchronicity or Providence?
This Internet Meme crossed into mainstream consciousness when both presidential candidates of the 2016 American election took notice of Pepe the Frog.  As a consequence, its power was further reinforced and affirmed.  As a consequence the Kek name was put front and center upon the attention of the public and world.

Usually silly and seemingly stupid Internet memes burn out quickly and are usually ignored.  But when the leaders of America and mainstream press became enchanted by Pepe the Frog, its role in history was solidified as real factor influencing the election.  Underpinning this enchantment is an organic gravity of synchronicity or providence with the song Shadilay by Pepe the band. 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

KEK Flag Transmuted to LOL Flag

What the KEK Flag Means from a Positive Viewpoint

Since the 2016 Election a new flag has arisen from the Internet, a flag whose genesis stems from a meme and has become something larger than its initial parody: the KEK Flag.  KEK originally met LOL in an online video game, World of Warcraft.  But due to strange synchronicity with Pepe the frog, it has become an iconic kind of meme flag. In another parody, we have the KEK flag translated for lay audiences, with colours and one of its original meanings as LOL.

Kekistan Flag - A Virtual Republic of the Internet
The KEK Flag is a popular trolling meme magic flag that has captured the imaginations of the internet and lays beyond the comprehension of the mainstream media.  Somewhat of a joke flag, it is being taken very serious by some on extreme ends.  A flag that conveys: internet trolling, LOL, Pepe the Frog, 4Chan, Meme Majik, the World of War Craft, and a hint of a forlorn Nazi Naval flag- a very odd combination indeed.   LOL

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Emoji Flags

Right now, as of 2017, there are a limited number of Emoji Flags that you can send.  Of Emojis that are flags we have the: checker, yellow pennant, and two black flags, two white flags.  There is one horizontal tribar of white-black-white.  Incidental flags also appear with other item Emojis like a red pennant on the circus big top tent, another red pennant on a golf course, and the grey mailbox mail-indicator flags.

Surely soon more flag colours will appear and a needed rainbow flag.  Yet to come: orange, green, purple, pink, brown, and others.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Pepe Republic Flag

Pepe the Frog has become something of an Internet institution these days.  A harmless cartoon character from Boy's Club that grabbed the public's attention during the 2016 American Election, when it was spotlighted with a negative light by the Hillary Clinton Campaign.  In the previous 2012 election, Pokemon had grabbed the attention of the media, when a contender for the Republican ticket quoted this show- Herman Cain.

But a frog is just a frog, as symbol is just a symbol.  The swastika in East Asia and India is deeply tied to Buddhism and Hinduism and one can find it on many serene temples and peacefully sacred sites.  Its association with Nazi Germany is only fleeting, from that side of the world. Yet when presented in the West, it is a symbol that conjures up extremely sad emotions and an ugly history.

Likewise it's rather odd that a silly cartoon could become such a paramount icon for the 2016 election, showing the rift in culture and understanding between the Internet and modern day legacy media.

The flag above is the Pepe Republic flag based upon the a mash up of the California State flag with the iconic Pepe.  Oddly Pepe has been tied up with some enchanting Internet synchronicity to 1986, right after Clinton spoke about Pepe. 

To get the whole story, its best just to visit a keen blog here....

Or Just Watch the Video Below

Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Original Auntie M

Another soul from the Silent Generation, the Original Auntie M.  Here she is standing in front of the WWII Victory Flag of 48 Stars.

She had a short stint for the FBI, and had a deep love for her birth nation.  A not so silent generation, that did not get a presidential leader,  nonetheless they saw the America of America-Rise; to see her rise and shine her lights to inspire the world. 

The Silent Generation maintained the bar and set the theme for the classic American-Rise traditions from the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.   American vacation's with the family were thier hand-off that we should not squander, and never forget.   

Thursday, June 8, 2017

United State of Happiness Flag

The U.S.H. flag is for the United State of Happiness.  This the open state of mind that many people end up at, when severe happiness takes over.  The stars around the face denote that this land has no borders and all are welcome, from time to time.

This flag originates out of the American Pursuit of Happiness.  If you are not there or want to enter this state, all you have to is wave this flag and change of few words that appear in the pledge of allegiance.   Trust me, you'll know which words to change.  It'll be the ones that make a smile appear on your face.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

State of Happiness Flag for the USA and anyone elese

Sometimes it's hard to enter a state of happiness, but with this flag you can easily enter this state and by saying: "Makalakalika low, good bye you silly schlomo, I am happy because you are sappy, and alone you do, and happiness will stick to you like glue."

Thus wave this flag is you need the happy.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

French West Africa Heritage Flag

The French West Africa heritage flag is for the nations that were once a part of the superstate of Africa that existed from 1895-1958.  The official flag was a French Flag, but in order to distinguish this entity from France this flag enables one to do so.   France was able to weave the French language and Catholic Church deep into the fabric of these nations. It's only fitting that they have a unique flag that honors France and honors Africa.

The first capital was at Saint Louis but was later moved to Dakar in 1902. This super-state connected several modern African nations, and perhaps several more yet to be born in the near future.

Why a heritage flag?  Well the official flag was the flag of France.  Many bad events and many good event occurred due to French "adoption".  In the end it is more so for the respect of French West African heritage, whose identity is now perpetually tied to France. 

French Equatorial Africa Heritage Flag

The French Equatorial Heritage Flag combines the flag flags of France with the various colours of Africa.  Although this AEF used the French Flag as its official flag, there is a need for a flag to distinguish the super state of Africa that lasted fro 1910 until 1958.   The seeds of French culture had deep impact on this region of Africa.

Nations that can fly this flag include: Chad, Central African Republic, Western Congo, Gabon, and parts of Cameroon.  The capital of the historical-super state was in Brazzaville.   

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Original Flags of Bowser and Mario - 1985

A game so classic and influential, Super Mario Brothers is perhaps one of the most popular games to ever cross our screens.  Although not 100% original, its unique art, sound, and game play positioned it as the ultimate game from the 1980s, that has carried on, and still has a legacy.

But for the world of vexillology, it is interesting the flags play a critical role.  Mario has a red starred flag on white, while his opponent has a green skull on a pennant. In this game Mario raises several flags before rescuing Princess Peach.

 It was long long ago, before Mario met Peach, that Bowser and Mario were good friends. But then an issue arose between them.  It is written that some day they may become united again?

Here is the Union Flag, or Union Jack of a would be Super Mario Bros. Bowser team up.

Original Mario Flag from 1985 - Super Mario Bros.

The original Super Mario flag had a simple design, similar is colour and style to the nation of Japan.  It has a red field with a red star in the center. 

This flag would appear when Mario completed a level with a mini castle. 

Original Bowser Flag from 1985 - Super Mario Bros

The original Bowser Flag from Super Mario Brothers was a white pennant.  It consisted of the colours green and white and had green skull as the imprint.

During game play during, Mario would jump on a flag pole and lower Bowser's pennant, then enter a mini castle and raise the Mario flag.