Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Fun NATO Pi Flag - The 3.14 NATO Flag

NATO Pi Flag - Combined 3.14 Flag

Happy Pi Day!  Once again this magical mathematical ratio of the circle has enchanted students and teachers for decades now.  In honor of this logically illogical holiday we have the NATO Pi Flag.  It is a combination of the official NATO flags for the #3, #1, and #4.

The larger component of the blue, red, blue horizontal tri-bar is the largest, as it represents the whole number three.  Within this flag is a diamond, or rhombus that is the flag for number one, which is like the flag of Spain which is another horizontal tri-bar of red, yellow, red.  Finally in the center is a white X on a red disc that represents the number four.

Like the official NATO flag, the Fun NATO Pi Flag has four compass points, a cicular central point, and navy blue.

Coincidentally the International Maritime Flag for Pi has a red disc with a central quatercrossed design.  Both the Fun International Maritime Pi Flag and the Fun NATO Pi flag have 'four' sliced pizza's in the center, at different angles.

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