Saturday, February 25, 2017

First Flag in the Game of Thrones - The House of Stark: The Direwolf

Game of Thrones is modern day retelling of the collective past, mixed somewhere between reality and fantasy.  The story takes elements of the middle ages and creates something completely new.  Zombies, witches, knights, kings, and queens.  It is truly deserves the word EPIC as it tells the story of life in the supposed middle ages.

Banners and flags make many appearances in this series, the first is belongs to the House of Stark, whose emblem is the white Direwolf.  These quasi magical animals are larger than life wolves that can be tamed.

The banner of House Stark can be seen in this Highlander like atmosphere.  It is swallow tailed and the Dire Wolves head can be seen with an open gait in the mouth. 

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