Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fun Flag for Livermorium - Element 116

The fun flag for the Element Livermorium is based upon the seal of Livermore, California and the County Flag of Alameda by San Francisco Bay.  Livermore kinda' gives Liverpool a run for its money in fame.  But in this case, Livermore's scientific fame will surely outlast Liverpool's musical fame.  Long after all the fans who were alive for the Beatles, will the fame of Livermore continue to shine in every science room across the world.

County Flag of Alameda
The flag for Livermorium includes a modified background of Alameda's County flag, since Livermorium is within Alameda County.  Instead of five stars, there are five atoms along the fly.  Also a modified seal based upon the official seal of Livermore is in the center.  The name of the element is present in a yellow ring, Livermorium.  Instead of the date established, the atomic Z number and word "ELEMENT" are present.  Livermore is famous for once being Cowboy country, having great wine, and where new atoms, were created in our solar system.  Surely other advanced life forms outside of our planetary system have already created element 116 and gave it some other name.

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