Monday, January 2, 2017

Flags for the Atoms of the Periodic Table of Elements

Vexillology meets Chemistry!

 I prefer the term Alchemy, it's so much more romantic.  Surely interest in Chemistry would increase if they called it Alchemy.  Just as when Astrology and Astronomy were the same, Chemistry and Alchemy were united long, long ago when our star system was in a different position in the galaxy far, far away.

Nations come and go, so do languages, religions, stories, and ways of life.  Teams, sports, fans, and forlorn heroes from wars long ago all fade from the limelight of history.  Even the stars in the night sky, and the patterns of constellations change and disappear.

One day North America will be no more, as will new oceans and new continents arise on our humble abode which we currently call Earth.  Perhaps beings from distant star systems will arrive and 'discover' our planet and give it a new name and bury our "savage" standard-nothing special culture as a mere footnote, making us speak new languages and demand we live in new ways of life?

But the structure of the atom is as it was as it ever shall be.  Thus it is fitting that these constant elements, or byproducts of star dust that compose our galaxies, planets, bodies, and souls should have a flag.

The colours of the flags are coded to the order found in the Visible Spectrum: 

Red is Coded to 1
Orange is Coded to 2
Yellow is Coded to 3
Green is Coded to 4
Blue is Coded to 5
Indigo is Coded to 6
Violet is Coded to 7
Black is Coded to 8
Pink is Coded to 9 
and White is Coded to 0

Although Pink seems out of place as the 9th number, it seems appropriate to give this color a chance, since we are returning to red in the cycle of our decimal system of numbers.

Using this organic order found in the basic partition of the visible spectrum of Roy G. Biv & P. Black White the atomic or Z number of an element forms the main body of the field.  The stripes on the left and right show us the period.  The stripes on the top and bottom show us the Group Number.

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