Sunday, December 25, 2016

Star Wars Life Day Icon - 1978

Chewy and Lumpy, Celebrating Life Day - Notice Orb with Model Trees of Life

Merry Christmas and Happy Life Day!  Humans became aware of Life Day on November 17, 1978, during a broadcast on CBS, The Star Wars Holiday Special: Episode 4&1/2.  This celebration that can be celebrated by any life form in the cosmos originated with the Wookiee Species on the planet Kashyyyk.  The key icon for Life Day celebrators is a small clear glowing orb.  The outside the orb has jewels and lights, while a small conifer-like tree is in the center.

The heroes of Star Wars interact at the grand tree of life with Chewbacca.  Chewbacca is wearing the traditional garb of the Life Day faithful, a red cloak.  Life Day is not a restrictive holiday, any being is allowed to come so long as they have a Wookiee invite.  Celebratory events include singing and hugging.

Wookies celebrating Life Day gather at the Tree of Life.  It is not revealed, but the Life Day orbs could be magical talismans that open a cosmic worm hole to a nexus point in space, where the Tree of Life subsists on its own.  Another theory is that the orbs act as a virtual reality key that opens a very large virtual chat room were the Life Day faithful gather for peace and love. We may never know, it's a Wookiee Secret!

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