Sunday, December 25, 2016

Star Wars Invisibility Talisman Logo - 1978

During Star Wars Episode 4.5 - The Star Wars Holiday Special 1978, Lumpy watches a secret Rebel Alliance report about the alien talisman that makes people invisible.  The device has basic galactic writing upon it, but a logo can be noticed, that looks like an Omega Symbol.

 Awning for the "DRIXNI" is a vexilloid like object that serves to advertise that it can be purchased at this store.  To the left is a strange alien icon that looks like some kind of company logo, or perhaps bug?
 Several broadsides, posters, can be seen in the back alleys.  The anti-hero Boba Fett can be seen walking by.  There is also come "Alien Graffiti" visible. 
The alien technician with a ridged skull and cat like mouth is wearing an armband that indicates his position in the Rebel Alliance.  In the background we can see Leia, Luke, R2, C-3PO and one of the rebel alliance leaders.

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