Saturday, December 31, 2016

Flag for the Element of Hydrogen

The Letter H symbolizes Hydrogen.  The colours are ordered to numbers based upon the colour specturm: red is 1, orange is 2, yellow is 3, green is 4, blue is 5, indigo is 6, violet is 7, and black is 8.   Pink fills in for 9, and white is zero. The main background colours coded to the atomic number.  Here the field of white and red represent 01, or 1 proton, which is Hydrogen.  The horizontal stripes on the top and bottom represent the group, which Hydrogen belongs to group 1.  The stripes along the fly and hoist represent the period, which is 1 which is echoed twice on all flags for the atoms.  Finally the central disc has the scientific symbol for the element with colors based upon International Maritime Flags.  In this case since Hydrogen is on S-Block.  The background is white and the central letter is blue.

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