Monday, September 5, 2016

Pennants in E.T. 1982


Small pennants appear in secondary media items in the movie E.T. 1982.  When E.T. is reading an ABC book, he just happens to be looking at pages with the Letters D and C.  On the Letter C page, a castle is shown.  Upon lower red tower is a storybook castle pennant.

Although the letter D is the dominant page in the shot, on the right you can infer the Letter C page is there due to the word 'cat' and 'castle' appearing.  Most importantly here, for vexillology's sake, is the castle pennant.

Coincidentally it happens again in another secondary media item, a newspaper, while E.T. is reading the comics.  In this case E.T. gets the idea to send a signal home, since Buck Rogers was able to build a device to send a signal for help. 

However the pennants are on the lower comic where it features a tent pole with the pennants on top.  It is only an amazing vexillological coincidence that pennants would appear twice in a similar fashion in this movie.

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