Friday, June 24, 2016

New Flag after the Brexit - Europia Colonial Flag

Flag for UK persons born in UK when it was a part of the EU

It's official the UK has declared its Independence! 

Who would have thought the USA would witness a "UK Declaration of Independence!?"

We're so used to the American-USA 1776 Declaration of Independence.  Now we have the 2016 UK Declaration of Independence.

So what about people who were born in the UK when it was still a part of the EU?  Are they still EU citizens?  

So is Europe now a British Colony?  Can we call it Europia or: Euroland, Euorlandia, Eurostein, Euromania, Euroberg, Euroweden, Euroslavia, Eurolavania.  Many hard line right wing Englishman wanted to leave because the didn't want be become a part of "Europistan" with the capital of Brussels as "Euroalabad."

Certainly, Russia is just smiling with sweet smug confidence now.

Is this the start of WW IV?  Will Greece, cut and run?  Will Germany make the Greeks pay?

Note the Cold War was WWIII, which was fought all over the world on the seven seas, seven continents, and outer space.

This is certainly an affirmation that change is on the way, and heralds a Trumpet for Trump.

In any case this flag is for British persons born in the EU when it was a part of the EU. 

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