Sunday, June 26, 2016

Geographic Scientific Flag for Johnston Atoll: 169 Degrees West by 16 Degrees North

The geographic Johnston Atoll flag has a tribar of red, indigo, and pink.  The colors are coded to numbers with the rainbow.  Since red is the first color. it represents 1; indigo is the sixth color, it represents 6; pink in the ninth color, it represents 9.  Thus 169 is a reference to 169 Degrees West.  Likewise the white pentagon indicates that this is the Western Hemisphere. 

The two 5 pointed stars in opposition relate to latitude.  In this case the colors are coded to 16, for 16 Degrees North.  Since the dominant front star is pointing upwards, this indicates a northern parallel.

Johnston Atoll already has a semi-official flag that, but this flag is a scientific and vexillologically "Good Flag." 

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