Monday, June 27, 2016

Geographic Olympia, Washington State Flag

Perhaps the best place in the United States to watch the Olympics is at Olympia, Washington State - the state capitol.  There also Washington DC, but this is Washing CS.  The CS standing for Corner State, while the DC stands for District of Columbia.

The colours of Geographic flag are coded to numbers.  The order is based upon the order of a rainbow.  Red is 1, since it is the first colour; orange is 2 since it is the second colour; green is 4 since it is the fourth colour, and violet is 7; since it is the seventh colour. 

The field reads as 122 Degrees (Red-Orange-Orange), while the star reads as 47 Degrees (Green-Violet).  The central white pentagon indicates it is in the Western Hemisphere.  The dominant green star pointing upwards indicates that it is in the Northern Hemisphere.  Thus this flag reads as 122 Degrees West by 47 Degrees North, got it?

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