Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Geographic Flag for Juneau, Alaska

The Geographic Flag of Juneau, Alaska reveals its Longitude at 134 Degrees West.  This is indicated by the tribar of red, yellow, and green.  With these types of flags, colors are coded to numbers.  In this case 1, 3, 4, equals 134, which is the Longitude that Juneau sits on.  The central white pentagon also signals that this is in the Western Hemisphere.

The two stars tell the Latitude: 58 Degrees North.  Since the dominant star is pointing up, it is a Northern Parallel.  The code of color to number is based upon the order of the rainbow: red = 1, yellow = 3 and green = 4.

Image Credit: Wikipedia,_Alaska#/media/File:Downtown_Juneau_and_Douglas_Island.jpg

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