Sunday, April 17, 2016

Grove School Flags, Livery and Emblems - The Princess Diaries 2001

The Grove School Emblem is a Lion as seen in Disney's 2001 production of the Princess Diaries.  The school flag can be seen in the introductory sequence next to the California state flag.  The school flag has a white background with a yellow lion's head facing forward.  The school's name is written in blue around the head in a circular manner.
The badge of Grove School is a blue disc with a yellow circle on the edge.  In the middle in a yellow male lion's head, with the school's name written in white underneath.  Along the left and right support sides of the lion's head are two while olive leaf branches.  A counter-change of colours is also visible on an athletic banner on the school's roof.  The lion is blue, and the background is yellow, but the olive branches are still white. 
In the party beach sequence a close up version of the schools badge can be seen on a kite.  The creators of the this badge were attentive to detail. 

The hero of the story, Mia must learn to trust her inner heart, in order honor her birthright position of power.  In the beginning of the film she starts out as a frizzy, bushy eye brow, otaku, class nerd.  But a lucky twist of fate has put her in a dynamic position.  The logo of the Grove School is clearly seen on her athletic school t-shirt.

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