Sunday, April 17, 2016

Genovia Royal Purple, Red, and Yellow Badge from the Princess Diaries 2001

The royal arms of Genovia, the fictional nation in the Princess Diaries 2001 is often used as a badge.  A badge is usually a icon or type of arms that is free for use on persons, things, and places under service of the royal member.   It can be seen as a badge on the left side of the chest as a badge for the royal staff.  It uses the colours red, purple, and yellow.  A stylized letter G is in the center.  It has two fluer-de-lis in yellow, and purple chevron.  On the chevron are two interlaced ringlets of yellow.  Below the arms is the motto on a yellow ribbon. 

The Royal Arms of Genovia is even intricately placed on the limousine privacy window. 

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