Sunday, April 17, 2016

Genovia National Seal for Flag

Princesses are real. And when one thinks of Disney Princesses, usually animated princess pop up in ones imagination.  However in 2001 a real life princess was released into Disney folklore - The Princess of Genovia in the film The Princess Diaries 2001.  This real life flesh and blood, un-animated princess of from fantasia is played by Anne Hathaway.

Disney has yet to make a Princess of Genovia doll, certainly one is overdue.  Unlike the other animated princess stories, the fictional Princess of Genovia does not use magic, witches, or fairy god-mothers to solver her problems.  This princess deals with reality like a normal human would.

The national seal for Genovia slightly differs for the royal arms.  The primary difference is the missing letter 'G'.  It can be found on the royal badge, but as for the national flag the arms are missing the special 'G'.

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