Friday, January 1, 2016

Lunar Twilight Flag 2015 tansition to 2016

Since the current, first moon, of 2016 was created in 2015, there is at least one week of Lunar Twilight where the Night, as ruled by the Moon, is the fading ember of 2015.  Oddly we will have two nights of the New-Empty Moon that will end on January 10.  Thus the first full night of 2016 when the Sun and Moon are new again, will be on January 11, 2016.  Thus you have 10 more nights to make amends for 2015.

 Here is a Lunar Twilight Candle Holder.  Each night one candle runs to the bottom to represent the ending of nights of 2015's last moon.  The number of candles vary on how much moon is left over from the previous year.  The candles are coloured violet, black, white, blue, and navy blue.

Finally a set of holiday candles any person, religion, nation, or ethnic can celebrate.  Lunar Twilight is an organic-astronomical celebration that recognizes our connection to the heavens.  It is a reminder of the celestial forces that move the moon, stars, and seasons is the very same force that animates our spirit.  It is dedicated to the good intentions of the coming new year with quiet soulful reflection by candlelight, as the last slivers of last year's moon fades from reality.  It is also extra time to make good on misgivings of last year, and settle into the new solar cycle of life.

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