Sunday, October 11, 2015

Flags in Blade Runner - 1982

One vexilloid appears in Ridley Scott's Blade Runner 1982.  It is not a traditional flag but rather an ornament upon a chess piece.  To be specific it is a black lance pennon.  It appears in the bedroom of the CEO of Tyrell Corporation - a powerful holding industry that manufactures humanoid cloned organisms that are bonded to the serve the pleasure of mankind. 

Blade Runner is a science fiction movie that carries on the themes of Frankenstein with real projections for the future of genetic engineering.  Before the 21st Century is over, the conjunction of technology, labor demands, and genetic engineering will see that some fraction of the future portrayed in film Blade Runner will indeed come to light.  Strange as this world may seem, persons and lawyers have already tired to copyright the human genome for their own private ownership, while other industries have copyright patents in legal effect with food materials and crops, that millions have already consumed and use in their daily lives.  Although 'replicant' humans are yet to be uncovered, 'replicant' crops are already making a deep impact in the agriculture and farming industries.

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