Saturday, October 17, 2015

Baseball Pennant from The Peanuts Movie - 2015

A unique flag appears in the upcoming new The Peanuts Movie 2015.  It is a baseball pennant with crossed bats, a red star near the hoist, and has an indigo frame.  Here the hero or rather anti-hero of the Peanuts Gang, Charlie Brown, can be seen holding a playful wooden kids pirate sword. Charlie Brown loves sports yet is often lackluster in performance.

Charlie Brown is first of first lovable losers.  His perpetual grey cloud and negative self-talk is sad yet endearing.  His tendency to overthink and worry, leads his to sordid antics and high drama that is balanced by his loyal and just do it dog - Snoopy.  Peanuts painted out and showed that there are more than fifty shades of gray, which can have its own kind of charming sparkle.  Charlie Brown is an anti-hero for the ages that nearly every kid and adult can relate to, and fall in love with.  

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