Monday, August 10, 2015

Flag for Mexicans born in North America

The flag for Mexicans born in North America is composed of the national Mexican colours of red, white, and green.  This is for Mexicans who were born in the USA, Canada, Cuba, and Central America.

Although many persons think immigration is one way street towards the north there are numerous persons born in Canada and the USA who choose to become Mexican Citizens.

List of notable Mexicans born in North America outside of Mexico

Hanna Jaff - Mexican Immigration Officer born in California, USA
Sarah Schleper - Mexican Olympic Skiier born in Colorado, USA 
Jack O'Brien - Mexican wrestler born in Texas, USA
Fannie Kauffam "Vitola" - Mexican actress born in Ontario, Canada
Cesar Evora - Mexican actor born in Cuba 
Raquel Olmedo - Mexican actress born in Cuba

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