Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Christian-Buddhist Flag

The Christian-Buddhist flag combines the colours of the Buddhist Flag and Scandinavian Christian Cross.  Thus we still see the colours of blue, orange, red, yellow, and white.  In the canton is a white 'Noble Eight Path Wheel' which is similar to the Ten Commandments in the Christian Tradition.   

Just as their are Biracial people there are Dual-Faith persons.  It is not necessary to be born into a certain type of faith, but if one has a Buddhist mother and Christian father or vice verse the resultant offspring has a right to fly this flag.  The majority of people under this flag came into being when the West and United States earnestly colonized and made an effort to shape Eastern Asia.  Although persons under this flag may choose one path over the other, or perhaps neither, they have a karmic heritage and real connection to both spiritual worlds.   

Perhaps the most famous person of under this flag is Tiger Woods.  Woods was born of a Buddhist East Asian from Thailand mother yet his father is African-American and Christian from Kansas.  

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