Friday, July 24, 2015

Hindu-Buddheic Flag or Flag of Mixed Hindu and Buddhist Marriages

The flag for persons with a real, ethnic and religious connection to both Hinduism and Buddhism uses the colours red, orange, yellow, blue, and white.   On the left hoist side on a filed of orange is the meditative ohmm symbol, which looks like a number three with a tail and an 'upside down' fermata symbol.  A hidden fermata symbol within the Ohm is quite an amazing coincidence as it is a musical symbol that means A Grand Pause.   Likewise correct meditation or prayer of the Ohmmmm or AUM leads to a grand pause of the 'ego' and return to the highest 'reality-truth-divine' root of spirit. 
In a way the Hindu-Buddheic tradition is a match to the Judeo-Christian term, since the original Jesus was a Jewish and the original Buddha was Hindu.

The nations with a large population of mixed Hindu-Buddhist marriages include Nepal and India.  However there is a growing number in Canada and the United States, especially in British Columbia and New York City.

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