Sunday, July 5, 2015

Greek Societies in Revenge of the Nerds 1984

In Revenge of the Nerds 1984 several unique flags appear in the film.  During the Greek Games festival hundreds of pennants can be seen flapping in the wind.  Some are decorative while others denote the Greek Societies with their organizations' colours.   Fraternities and Sororities are social clubs that are renowned for their exciting parties, social bonding, and enriching student life.  The founders of the Lambda Lambda Lambda formed by a rag tag union of socially awkward young men who were pushed together by the misdeeds of an arrogant fraternity.  The Tri-Lambs came about due to the arrogance and aggression of the Alpha Betas.     

The Adams College Greek banner can be seen heralding the opening of the Greek Games.  The faculty is seen here dressed in business attire, while the athletic director relaxes in a disrespectful manner as played by John Goodman.

Trumpet banners are seen in the opening ceremonies of the games.  The flags in this show are fringed in white.  The background is red and the writing is gold.  The writing is hard to discern, it would have been a good idea to outline the golden letters in white for better contrast.

The scoreboard shows who is winning.  Note that two Greek teams are never shown competing: fraternity Delta Kappa Gamma and the sorority Gamma Kappa Tau.  However several pennants and a sign can be seen waving in the background of these social organizations at the Greek Games.

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