Sunday, July 26, 2015

Flag for persons of mixed faiths from Scientology and the Moonie, Unification Church

The 20th century saw two new religions come into being from opposite ends of the Earth in 1954.  The Church of Scientology was established as a religion in California in 1954.  And across the world on May 1, 1954 the Moonie Church was established in South Korea.  These religions were the last to from, before the Dawn of the Space Age

 This flag is for persons who have one parent born into Scientology and another born out the Unification Church, or some factor of this match.  Coincidentally both religions were founded after the 'end' of the Korean War in 1953.

 The founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, was originally born out of the American Christian tradition, while Sun Myung Moon came from the old Korean tradition, which is mostly a fusion of Buddhist and Confucian teachings with a heavy emphasis on firm and heavily structured Confucian familial ideas.  This flag links distant preachers born from opposite ended cultures from Nebraska to North Korea

Of Yin and Yang, the founder of Scientology was exposed to the religions in East Asia.  Coincidentally notions of reincarnation were adopted as core beliefs within Scientology.  Coming from the other direction, Moon was able to take Christian teachings and reincorporate it into a new vision adding additional sacred scripture.  The Newest Testament built upon the Bible is known as The Divine PrincipleLikewise the writings of Hubbard are prolific but a key document to spiritual enlightenment was made apparent with his fantastic work, Dianetics.
Establishing a new religion may seem like a hard thing to do it, and it really is.  However Scientology and the Unification Church have passed their 60th year anniversary and met the challenges that arise with any new approach to life.  They have passed beyond the heated and passionate Crucible of Doubt that many new religions face, blossoming into new fragrant faiths while challenging the status quo.  Scientology and the Unification Church are natural clashes unto harmony of teachings from the West and East, or rather East to West?  The Moonie path and Scientology faith are watermarks of religions that echo the strange and changing times of the 1900s, as the peoples of the Earth sought to make it a better place for one and all.  

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