Sunday, July 19, 2015

Flags in Under the Tuscan Sun - 2003

 Several fantastic flags appear in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun 2003.  In this shot a flag toss is taking place. This film is based upon the book written by Frances Mayes originally published in 1996.  You can read all about her wonderful books here:
 Like a bright coral reef the colours of Tuscany shine bright in this film.
 The flags follow the rules of a specific kind of Italian heraldry.  Like a visual bouquet of flapping and colours, these flags wavers put on a show.
 The flag show is also a competition.  Many of these flags break the rules of a what it is to be a 'Good Flag' by using multiple colours and intricate patterns.  Nonetheless these vexillologically speaking 'Bad Flag' are beautiful sights.
Here the heroines of the story are seen watching to fantastic flag dance and display.  They even have their own flags to wave.

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