Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Emmaus, Pennsylvania Moravian Church with Peace Flag

Emmaus, Pennsylvania is located in Lehigh County.  It is home to a beautiful Moravian Church that has become a local icon.  This church can be seen on the local street banners.

In the foreground is a unique peace flag that uses peace signs as the center point of several flowers, in front of the Moravian Church.

The spirit of the Moravian church originates in the heart of Europe during the Protestant Reformation in the of nation Czech, which often sounds strange unless it is followed by "republic" as in Czech Republic.  It was in Central Europe where the spirits of Latin, Germanic, and Slavic peoples mingled to higher degrees than most places in Europe.

But of religious context, Biblical Emmaus is located in West Asia.  It was "on the way to Emmaus" were Jesus reappeared to meet two disciples after crucifixion in the Book of Luke.  

Here is the printed Emmaus banner hanging off a utility pole.

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