Saturday, April 25, 2015

Flags in the film Fed Up - 2014

 Fed Up 2014, hosted by Katie Couric, is a docu-drama that exposes the health epidemic across the world and the US.  It explains how a high sugar-low fiber diet can cause obesity even if one eats little and gets a lot of exercise.

Of importance to the blog are the digitally imposed flags that appear during the information segments.

Flags are used in double manner, sometimes flags appear on food.  The most popular being 4th of July US flags during the 4th of July.  But in Fed Up they represent the different factions that are competing within the government.

The US government tries to help the entire community at large and often finds itself at odds with its policies having to take sides.  Certainly it's a twisted pickle to be in.  In this case the FDA has to come to terms of either supporting public health or agriculture.  Usually the side that pulls a lot of water can tip the balance in their favor.

But this health issue involves everyone, from kids, the government and corporations.  Certainly it's a challenge if not impossible to control market forces, it'd be rather foolish.  But then again, small steps were able to put muzzle on the tobacco industry. 

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