Sunday, March 29, 2015

United Kingdom States Flag

The United Kingdom States flag is a geographic flag.  It represents the latitudes where the US and UK are parallel to each other.  The United States as the prodigal son of the UK, officially became parallel to the UK in 1959, with the entry of Alaska as the 49th state.  Note that the southern portion of Alaska is parallel to both Scotland and England. 

Subsequently the Alaskan Star field of 49 stars is in the canton.  The elements of the UK flag are also modified such that one sinister bend of St. Patrick's cross is fully exposed.  Likewise a full 1/8th of English white is allowed to express its self twice in a boomerang pattern.

1959 was a watershed year for these nations.  Essentially the UK and US returned to a fully charmed and healthy familial relationship, loving but full of the proper jokes and pokes.  The ugliness and bitterness of the 1776 colonial rebellion became a fully healed scar, leaving a charmed tattoo upon the hearts and minds of the British and American alike.

Subsequently the British and American waltz towards a free and open future heralded and end to draconian manipulative empires and egos at the end of the 20th century, from within and beyond.

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