Thursday, March 26, 2015

All American Belt Flag

A new geographic flag for the United States - The All American Belt Flag.  The All American Belt Flag represents the latitudes of the US that are totally south of Canada and totally north of Mexico.  Meaning that this region of the US can not see it the Canadian Way nor the Mexican Way.  They have their gaze set to the USA Way.

For the record 14 states totally reside in this area and can be trusted as true core red blooded Americans: This includes Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey.  Likewise Washington, DC naturally resides in this area.

An honorable mention goes to California for it is the only state to span the entire area, and can tango toe to toe with Mexico and Canada.  Californians are the only ones who can geographically swing it like a Canadian and a Mexican.  California covers all the bases within the All American Latitude: between the most southern continental point of Canada at 41 Degrees 57 Minutes North to the northern most point in Mexico at 32 Degrees, 34 Minutes North.

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