Friday, January 9, 2015

Flags in Daria - that 90s show on MTV

 Beavis and Butthead were so successful that they were able to generate spin offs.  Spin offs are an old sit com practice that happens every so often with smash hit shows. 

In this case, a snack bar character from Beavis and Butthead's universe got her own television series - Daria.  Daria was a non-conformist high school misfit with a superior intellect, yet glazed with a punk rock theme.  Daria was the 90s version of Molly Ringwald with pent up teenage angst.  The other Beavis and Butthead spinoff television show was from the opposite political pole - King of the Hill.  In the introductory sequence we see Daria with her family and her sister and father are waving a yellow pennants. 

Later in the pilot episode, Daria's family visits a UFO convention.  Of vexillological note is a "Welcome Lawndale" banner hanging above the centerpiece fake green alien.  Also along the right side of the wall are what look like two Star Trek flags.  One is purple with a yellow Star Trek symbol while the other is yellow and it is harder to make out its emblem.

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